Friday, September 30, 2016

Solar LED Light ,20000mah Li-ion battery , 24V solar panel with MPPT charge Controller

This project is the final part in Making a really powerful Solar Light , in this project we intigrate LTC3478 Based philips lumileds Driver and BQ24650 Based MPPT Solar Li-Ion charge Controller.
We will be using total 3 9 Watt each LED Driver boards and One charge controller to charge 6 Cell 7.6V 20000mah li-lion battery,

There is 4 LED bar graph display to show estimate battery level and a single button to control On/off, Different Level of Brightness , and Select one , all or few of LED boards to litup.
there is not much to describe in term of schmeatic and firmware as all the Firmware and Schmeatic aer already on my github account.User interface panel is made out of PCB with 4 battery status LED a port for solar panel Connector and a control switch.
when battery is chargin LED status displayed accordingly and when battery is discharging led status updated accordingly.

This project integrates these boards

BQ24650 Based MPPT li-ion Battery Charger

LT3478 9W LED Driver

here is the look at user interface PCB.

i have a good quality connector for solar panel connection and after using it for few months i can say it worth every penny i spent on the connector.

User interface Video Demo


  1. you will mail me the code

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  3. Nice project, you said "6 Cell 7.6V 20000mah li-ion battery" I'm assuming you're using 2S6P configuration, namely 6 cells in parallel in each pack, and two packs in series.
    How do you monitor individual pack voltages, because Li-po batteries tend to go out of balance.

    1. i use li-ion Cells , they are not as critical as li-po