Sunday, January 19, 2020

Open Source USB Display: SPI MIPI Bridge with FPGA Test: PIC32MZ USB HS SPI Bridge QT5

This post is going to be second part in the SPI MIPI Bridge. In this post i will be giving details about USB HS to SPI Bridge  To feed into FPGA for displaying on to MIPI LCD. Previous project SPI MIPI Bridge can be found here.

USB Hardware Stacked onto FPGA BOard

Saturday, January 18, 2020

Open Source SPI MIPI Bridge with FPGA: Driving IPOD Nano 6 MIPI LCD Using FPGA, MIPI LCD Reverse Engineering

As display technology is advancing, High Resolution LCD/TFT LCD panel are becoming more common. With higher resolution comes nicer picture quality, rich content with higher bandwidth requirement to transfer that content from the display controller to the display it self. Gone those days of 8-bit parallel bus , now MIPI is becoming more and more common with nice display.  Yes one can still buy parallel or lvds interface display. But as one try to move towards nicer quality display MIPI is becoming dominant. Basic MIPI DPHY can achieve 1Gps per-lane with mipi DPHY V2.5 you can go upto 6Gbps Max total bandwidth.

This post going to be about how to use FPGA to drive a MIPI LCD. Specifically LH154Q01-TD01 LCD This is a 240x240 1.54 inch TFT LCD this LCD is used in Apple IPOD nano 6G. I first get to know about this LCD from mike's post on his website mikeselectricstuff and youtube channel. It is highly recommended to got through it if you are going to implement this project.