Thursday, April 14, 2016

9W Ultra Hell LED-Treiber mit Linear Technology LT3478 Aufwärtswandler , Philips LUXEON Rebel ES LED (DE)

Hallo zu Deutsch Leser. Das ist mein erste Artikel auf Deutsch. I habe viel aufrufe aus Deutschland deshalb Jetzt ab, ich werde auch auf Deutsch publizieren weil ich Detusch lerne und ich möchte mehr Übungen.Jedes Artikel wird auf Deutsch und English.wenn wir Widerspruch zwischen dem Artikel auf Deutsch und Englisch haben, die English überwiegt weil meine erfahrungen auf deutsch kurze ist. 

     So beginnen wir. Heutzutage arbeite ich an einem Projekt , "MPPT Solar li-ion Lader" . bei diesem projekt brauche ich eine sehr vollmacht ~25W LED leicht. aber 25W ist viel fur ein LED-Triber. Es erforden viele kentnisse ein 25 W LED-Triber zu entwerfen. Hauptsorge auf die Projket "MPPT Solar -lon Lader" ist zu Lernen wie der MPPT Larder Arbeitet und wie die software Algorithmus sind.Das Projekt ist ein teil von ein Projekt was publiziere ich später. 

Monday, April 11, 2016

9W Ultra Bright LED Driver with Linear LT3478 , Philips LUXEON Rebel ES LED ,(EN)

      Reticently i was working a  little Solar lighting project, i need a really bright insane ~25W  LED lighting. But issue was for 25W it a lots of power for LED and it require some skills to make such a high wattage LED driver. primary objective of this project is to get a descent knowledge of MPPT charge controller and MPPT charging algorithms. this project is part of the project , that i will post later.


Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Homemade ARM Board Running Linux with LCD: Part 4 U-boot Bootloader Porting and Cross Compile

    This post is going to be 4th part in series of making a Linux capable ARM Board at home. click First, Second and Third to go to previous Parts,so lets start.

what is a Bootloader, Why do we need it? 

a boot loader is a program which is the first one to be executed by the CPU. it severs some very specific purpose "configuring few very essential things before loading the main program (may be OS) into main memory" , that is why it is called boot loader. depending on needs boot loader may do some other task(we will cover them here).
there are various shape and sizes of the bootloaders , they all serve almost same purpose.

with microcontrollers , some times it does not actually load the main program into memory but pass on the executing pointer to main program so that main program can run directly form the memory where it is.
Board With 4.3 inch LCD running Qt5 application to display JPEG Image and Time

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Homemade ARM Board Running Linux with LCD ,Part 3: PCB Assembly and First Boot

 this is third part in the series of making a linux capable ARM processor board at home, last part we have designed schematic and PCB , in this part we are going to assemble PCB and  see if it boot for first time. here is Second Part , and here is First part.

there are very few challenging part which may create  a little issue in soldering. but all the part are hand solder-able with  a little or no extra tool. i have a hakko fx-888 soldering iron with standard tip , kester  flux  , paste and thin kester solder wire.i also have  a cheap Chinese hot air and an descent quality toaster oven. although hot air is all we need.

i have ordered PCB from osh park , they came very fast and good quality. as usual i have received 3 boards ,  i have also ordered stencil from osh stencil. stencil is not actually needed , it only help to solder all the component faster . if you don't want stencil you can always do without it , new BGA always comes pre balled so no stencil needed ,Processor has leads so no problem at all.  
the component which need a little care while soldering are

Friday, November 6, 2015

Homemade ARM Board Running Linux with LCD ,Part 2 : Schematic and PCB Design

            this is second part in the series of making a ARM linux Board at home, in last part we have decided what we need and why. now we are going to build schematic for our board. as we are using Allwinner A13 CPU , we need it's datasheet and other reference manuals.although there is only a limited amount of data available direct from manufacturer,but there is pleanty of data there from other source , sunxi website is good place to start. all the reference docs i have used are available in my github

I have found this datasheet for our CPU.As A13 is quite common processor in cheap Chinese tablets, and olimex also has few boards with same CPU. there is tons of reference material available online.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Homemade ARM Board Running Linux with LCD ,Part1:Requirement Definition

         After quite lot of  research through various online document and article and working with many different things, i have finally managed to get my first Linux capable ARM Cortex-A8 board up and running. making the board i hae faced many  different kind of difficulties with different section. the board is Based to a ARM Cortex-A8 CPU running at 1Ghz which is really quite lot for homemade hand assembled stuff. i will take you with me on a journey how you can approach to come up with your custom linux board.

it is going to be some what descriptive tutorial with almost every aspect covered. so i have divided the whole things into parts. next part follows the previous.

how to decide what embedded Processor you Need?
Requirement Definition, first of all you need to determine what are your requirement and is this possible to fulfil them with  some high speed microcontroller with on chip RAM etc. or we need some high speed processor ?  As going for very high speed processor may often lead to have a large amount of extra hardware like you may need many power rails , external RAM,external Flash/ROM etc. which ultimately goes with expensive development and expensive final product. 

Monday, October 12, 2015

Basic Frequency Meter with FPGA , Verilog HDL , WireFrame FPGA

   In the series of learning FPGA project , here is simple little project to measure frequency with counter and few 7 segment display.

Measuring Maxim DS32Khz output absolute bang on