Monday, August 14, 2023

HP Agilent Infiniium 54815A 500Mhz Boot Repair and SSD Upgrade

 This post is going to be about Repair of old HP Infiniium 54815A 500Mhz oscilloscope.  Scope has normal PC motherboard with Windows 98. Scope has issue booting into windows because DS12887A RTC which scope's motherboard uses has internal battery. And because of RTC battery being empty scope has CMOS checksum bad and can not boot as it has forgotten all boot settings. I will try to fix DS12887A and restore setting to CMOS memory. 

Saturday, May 27, 2023

Agilent Keysight 1152A Active Probe Autoprobe Smart Probe, Probe ID Mod Patch

 This Post is going to be about modifying Agilent/HP 1152A active probe to be able to support 5V input and Smart Probe ID. 1152A Active  Probe is available in used marked at quite reasonable price but it is not supported by many new generation Keysight Oscilloscopes. As few of these oscilloscope have not fully featured Autoprobe interface and only output +5 -5V . Normally a fully featured Autoprobe interface should set supply voltage as requested by Probes Rp Resistor. 
So to be able to use 1152A active probe with every Keysight oscilloscope regardless how limited its Autoprobe interface is, I have made this small PCB with 4V Regulator with good  PSSR to be able to support +5V input  and 2Kbit EEPROM to support Smart Probe. This probe does not use -5V so its left untouched .

Sunday, June 12, 2022

Making Opensource USB C industrial camera with Interchangeable C mount lens, Interchangeable MIPI Sensor with Lattice Crosslink NX FPGA and Cypress FX3 USB 3.0 controller

     This post is going yet another part in the DIY camera projects which have been doing since quite some time. In this post I will showing you next successful implementation of making C mount high lens mount  USB C camera. This implementation will have absolute modular boards having dedicated Sensor board which can be changed if needed. 

Thursday, May 19, 2022

USB 3.0 Camera board with Cypress FX3 CYUSB3014 and Lattice FPGA CrossLink NX LIFCL-40 Prototype

  From quite some time i have been working with different MIPI CSI Camera Solutions , Interfacing Camera with FPGA and Connecting to USB 3.0 Connection. 

Board will be having USB C connector for USB 3.0 5Gbps Connection with Cypress FX3 CYUSB3014 and Lattice Crosslink FPGA

Board With Direct Raspberry PI IMX219 

Board with FCP Connector for Any MIPI Camera With 1mm Flex cable

Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Agilent Keysight 53220A Universal Frequency Counter Option 010 Ultra High Stability OCXO Timebase Upgrade

 I have previously upgraded Timebase for Agilent/HP 53132A Universal frequency counter and also PM66xx Counter. This time i will be upgrading Keysight 53220A.

This upgrade is going to be little different as keysight 53220A does not have a oscillator module. OCXO is directly soldered to the main board. So this upgrade is just going to be desoldring existing TCXO and mounting correct OCXO to have Option 010 Ultra High Stability OCXO Timebase activated. 

DIY Fluke Philips PM66xx OCXO 10MHz Oven Oscillator option board for PM6680B PM6681

 Quite a while ago I had written about how I upgraded oscillator of my Agilent/HP 53132A. I have recently bought a broken Fluke/Philips PM6680B Frequency counter. Though i was able to quickly fixed issues with the unit by replacing power supply capacitors, the unit still has really crappy original reference oscillator. So I decided to make my own PM9692 Ultra High Stability Oven Time Base with CTS 196 OCXO. 

Saturday, May 2, 2020

DIY Open Source MicroZed Breakout Carrier Board For MicroZed Zynq FPGA SOM board

For new FPGA SoC related project, and i will be using Avnet MicroZed Zync SOM board. But Avnet microZed Board has two 100 Pin fine pitch connectors for expansion, Which is impractical for prototyping so i decided to make my own breakout board.  Finding Avent microzed GPIO breakout was little hard and official board has same VCCIO regulator for all banks and avnet board also does not have differential LVDS layout.
So i made this Open source Board, With three separate switching regulator for each bank VCCIO on 4 Layer Gold finish board with most of microZed pins broken out in LVDS pair. PCB is 4 Layer impedance control for 100R LVDS pair. Board has 3 solder jumpers per regulator to change bank voltage of each bank separately.

Sunday, February 16, 2020

Opens Source IMX219 Camera MIPI CSI-2 Receiver Verilog HDL Lattice FPGA MachXO3 Raspberry PI Camera

This post is going to be yet another part of the previous camera projects published on this blog. As described in the last post here in which i made Raspberry PI camera Sony IMX219 4 Lane MIPI CSI Board.

 In this post will be having details about how to get data out of MIPI camera, make it useable and then feed data into Cypress FX3 USB3.0 controller.

Full Frame 8Mpixel Capture 

Saturday, February 15, 2020

DIY IMX219 4 Lane MIPI CSI Breakout Board, Getting MIPI CSI 4 Lane From Raspberry PI Camera

I have published many post in which i have been interfacing various cameras sensors/modules to different processors. This post is also going to the next part the previous posts.

Currently i am trying to interface Raspberry pi camera V2.1 sony IMX219 Camera to Lattice FPGA  then ultimately to USB 3.0 with Cypress FX3 USB 3.0 controller.

As per schematic of Raspberry pi and Raspberry PI Camera module. It is two lane MIPI CSI Camera Board with 1 Clock and 2 MIPI CSI data lane. 

Friday, February 7, 2020

DIY USB 3.0 1080p Full HD Camera with Auto Focus and 10x Optical zoom, 1Gbps Streaming Over Cypress FX3 USB3.0

This Project is also going to be next in the series of post i made about interfacing various camera modules to processors and Over to USB.

In this post i will be using powerful cypress FX3 CYUSB3014 USB controller board to interface PE1005 Camera module to USB 3.0. This post will overcome the limits imposed by OV7670 in the last post. OV7670 was just a VGA camera. but PE1005 is full HD 1080p 30PFS camera module with really nice features like Auto focus, 10x optical Zoom, F1.8-2.2 Mechanical Shutter. Electronic image stabilizer.

This camera module is from company called Acutelogic HK limited i received this camera from a eevblog forum member a while back.