Saturday, May 2, 2020

DIY Open Source MicroZed Breakout Carrier Board For MicroZed Zynq FPGA SOM board

For new FPGA SoC related project, and i will be using Avnet MicroZed Zync SOM board. But Avnet microZed Board has two 100 Pin fine pitch connectors for expansion, Which is impractical for prototyping so i decided to make my own breakout board.  Finding Avent microzed GPIO breakout was little hard and official board has same VCCIO regulator for all banks and avnet board also does not have differential LVDS layout.
So i made this Open source Board, With three separate switching regulator for each bank VCCIO on 4 Layer Gold finish board with most of microZed pins broken out in LVDS pair. PCB is 4 Layer impedance control for 100R LVDS pair. Board has 3 solder jumpers per regulator to change bank voltage of each bank separately.

Sunday, February 16, 2020

Opens Source IMX219 Camera MIPI CSI-2 Receiver Verilog HDL Lattice FPGA MachXO3 Raspberry PI Camera

This post is going to be yet another part of the previous camera projects published on this blog. As described in the last post here in which i made Raspberry PI camera Sony IMX219 4 Lane MIPI CSI Board.

 In this post will be having details about how to get data out of MIPI camera, make it useable and then feed data into Cypress FX3 USB3.0 controller.

Full Frame 8Mpixel Capture 

Saturday, February 15, 2020

DIY IMX219 4 Lane MIPI CSI Breakout Board, Getting MIPI CSI 4 Lane From Raspberry PI Camera

I have published many post in which i have been interfacing various cameras sensors/modules to different processors. This post is also going to the next part the previous posts.

Currently i am trying to interface Raspberry pi camera V2.1 sony IMX219 Camera to Lattice FPGA  then ultimately to USB 3.0 with Cypress FX3 USB 3.0 controller.

As per schematic of Raspberry pi and Raspberry PI Camera module. It is two lane MIPI CSI Camera Board with 1 Clock and 2 MIPI CSI data lane. 

Friday, February 7, 2020

DIY USB 3.0 1080p Full HD Camera with Auto Focus and 10x Optical zoom, 1Gbps Streaming Over Cypress FX3 USB3.0

This Project is also going to be next in the series of post i made about interfacing various camera modules to processors and Over to USB.

In this post i will be using powerful cypress FX3 CYUSB3014 USB controller board to interface PE1005 Camera module to USB 3.0. This post will overcome the limits imposed by OV7670 in the last post. OV7670 was just a VGA camera. but PE1005 is full HD 1080p 30PFS camera module with really nice features like Auto focus, 10x optical Zoom, F1.8-2.2 Mechanical Shutter. Electronic image stabilizer.

This camera module is from company called Acutelogic HK limited i received this camera from a eevblog forum member a while back.

Sunday, January 19, 2020

Open Source USB Display: SPI MIPI Bridge with FPGA Test: PIC32MZ USB HS SPI Bridge QT5

This post is going to be second part in the SPI MIPI Bridge. In this post i will be giving details about USB HS to SPI Bridge  To feed into FPGA for displaying on to MIPI LCD. Previous project SPI MIPI Bridge can be found here.

USB Hardware Stacked onto FPGA BOard

Saturday, January 18, 2020

Open Source SPI MIPI Bridge with FPGA: Driving IPOD Nano 6 MIPI LCD Using FPGA, MIPI LCD Reverse Engineering

As display technology is advancing, High Resolution LCD/TFT LCD panel are becoming more common. With higher resolution comes nicer picture quality, rich content with higher bandwidth requirement to transfer that content from the display controller to the display it self. Gone those days of 8-bit parallel bus , now MIPI is becoming more and more common with nice display.  Yes one can still buy parallel or lvds interface display. But as one try to move towards nicer quality display MIPI is becoming dominant. Basic MIPI DPHY can achieve 1Gps per-lane with mipi DPHY V2.5 you can go upto 6Gbps Max total bandwidth.

This post going to be about how to use FPGA to drive a MIPI LCD. Specifically LH154Q01-TD01 LCD This is a 240x240 1.54 inch TFT LCD this LCD is used in Apple IPOD nano 6G. I first get to know about this LCD from mike's post on his website mikeselectricstuff and youtube channel. It is highly recommended to got through it if you are going to implement this project.

Monday, December 2, 2019

DIY USB 3.0 Camera: UVC Video Device Class VGA Camera Using Cypress FX3

This Project is going to next in the series of previous projects. Previously i interfaced inexpensive OV7670 VGA Camera to MCU.

In this post we will overcome the 10FPS limit of frame rate caused by slow Parallel port of PIC32MZ. This version of Camera will use 4.8Gbps Cypress FX3 USB 3.0  controller, with use of this controller comes 32bit 100Mhz GPIF interface, which make it possible to easily implement 30 FPS 640x480 live video transfer. 

Capability of Cypress FX3 is way higher than VGA 30FPS, but for this test project i will be limited the by the max resolution of OV7670. 

Marconi 2024 RF Signal Generator LCD Display Repair

This is going to addition to my previous Marconi 2024 Error 508 repair . I have recent bought my self a broken Marconi 2024 which has many issues, few issues i fixed in previous repair post now in this post i will show you how i replaced the LCD.

As many other people have pointed out controller of the LCD fitted in Marconi is compatable to RA6963,T6963 Controller so i search around on web and found ERM24064DNS-1 .

The LCD display we are replacing had VFD back-light but replacement LCD has LED back-light. so i need to take out VFD power supply and bypass with for 5V LED power supply.

Here is how VFD power supply is removed and bypassed, 5V is supplied by the board Display also needs 5V.

Replacement LCD Display size is exactly same but PCB size is small so mounting screw are different location. and Display thickness is also less with new Display.

Monday, September 23, 2019

Marconi 2024 RF Signal Generator Error 508: Amplitude modulator unlevelled Repair

I have recently bought a used Marconi 2024. But instrument was partially faulty having issue a minor issue with LCD screen and a comparatively major issue with Error 508 : Amplitude modulator unleveled. So it needed a repair First i will try to fix issue Error 508 because replacement compatible LCD will arrive later.

This post is going through will be mostly what to look for when you are attempting to fix same issue in your marconi/IRF or now aeroflex 2024 or similar marconi 2023.

This article will quote  service manual for this instrument multiple time, service manual can be easily found with just simple internet search or on ko4bb

As i have already fixed my issue now i know with my instrument issue was with carrier RF signal level being too low. But issue with other instrument many be different so  i will still describe here how i traced to the faulty component.

I assume all power supply voltage are fine with voltage and ripple.

There are two version of service manual available. old service manual have There are a quite a few error in newer service manual's schematic.

As per Maintenance manual  Error 508: Amplitude modulator unlevelled appear when pin diode based modulator loop is running into issue with either AM level or the level of carrier RF signal or detection circuit of AM modulated RF signal.

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

OpenSource DIY USB Webcam: OV7670 OV2640 Interfacing With PIC32MZ Streaming Video over USB Video Device class UVC Device

This project is going to extension to my previous project in which i implemented USB Video device class onto Microchip PIC32 USB stack.  Last project i showed how once can transmit static image over USB UVC , now i will be showing you how you can interface these commonly available  VGA/UXGA Sensors OV7670/OV2640 to PIC32MZ MCU.