Monday, December 26, 2011

16x2 Serial LCD (Two Wire) with PIC12F675

           The General purpose 16x2 or 16x1 char LCD are very easy to interface with any microcontroller , and these lcd are really very cheap and thoroughly available in the whole world, but the only problem with these lcd is they require 4 or 8 data lines + 2 or 3 control line to at minimum 6 line and maximum 11 lines are required. that not good because many small package microcontroller like PIC10 ,PIC12,PIC16 from microchip ,MSP430 Texas Instrument and Attiney from Atmel there all microcontroller have either 6 to 15 I/O lines. in this condition this technique will save you many I/O line because in this we use only 2 wires to connect the lcd with any microcontroller.

             Most of these 16x2 ,16x1,8x1,8x2 ,8x4 ,20x4 and so on use stranded 8 line data and three control signal EN :- enable ,,RS- Register Select(data/command) ,, RW - read write

for futher details how these lcd works , pin configuration and command other things please visit my previouse post CLICK HERE :- 16x2 LCD with MCU

Thursday, December 1, 2011

16x2 Char LCD with TI MSP430 Launch Pad

      what we are gonna do is  interfacing MSP430 with an LCD module. In this case a typical 16x2 parallel LCD module with the Texas Instruments' MSP430G2211 on Launchpad development board. i will not cover much on the LCD side because i have already explained the working of HD44780 LCD in my previous post.

if you are new to LCD and have no idea how to make them work. checkout my previous post