Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Agilent Keysight 53220A Universal Frequency Counter Option 010 Ultra High Stability OCXO Timebase Upgrade

 I have previously upgraded Timebase for Agilent/HP 53132A Universal frequency counter and also PM66xx Counter. This time i will be upgrading Keysight 53220A.

This upgrade is going to be little different as keysight 53220A does not have a oscillator module. OCXO is directly soldered to the main board. So this upgrade is just going to be desoldring existing TCXO and mounting correct OCXO to have Option 010 Ultra High Stability OCXO Timebase activated. 

Existing TCXO is installed under small plastic shield, Removing two screws from back side will get the shield off.

Once TCXO is desoldered , Remove R827 and R828 for activation of   Option 010 Ultra High Stability OCXO Timebase

OCXO i will be installing AOCJY3A-10.000MHZ its has correct dimension and other specifications. 

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