Saturday, August 25, 2018

DIY Open Source LM399 10V Voltage Reference

while working on a project i needed a really stable voltage reference so i made my self  LM399 based 0.5 ppm/ C 10V refernce.
LM399 is nice shunt reference chip , Although initial accuracy is only 2% but accurancy does not matter , what matter is stability. Because i have recently calibrated Agilent 34465A 6.5 digit multimeter , i can easily find out absolute value. 

With 0.5 ppm/C and 10V range , its translate to 5uV /C. At this range of temperature stability it is way beyond what my Agilent 34465A can measure.

Schmeatic is directly from the LM399 Datasheet, Reference Chip, Opamp LT1001 and 10PPM Tempco resistors for gain setting.  and few capacitor and connectors

It is a quick project so PCB is quite simple , Just LM399, Opamp and few other component. 

Hard foam cover sat down in slots around LM399

2 Hour voltage Plot
12 Hour Plot
1 Hour Plot

PCB source and bill of material  is available in my github account 


  1. Where did you source the 8.87k 10PPM and the 20K 10PPM resistors from?
    also the part numbers in the BOM, where are they for (company)?

  2. I bought them from Arrow Here are the part numbers
    20K NTR06B2002BTRF
    8.87K TNPW06038K87BYEA

  3. Can you sell with the SMA socket populated, the clip connectors do not seem to be gold plated.

    Where is the BOM/parts list?

    Many thanks

    Jon PAUL