Thursday, April 23, 2015

Low Cost RF Control 4 channel Relay Board

here is quick project written with PIC12 micrcontroller from micro chip , in this demo , i describe how can you control devices use a RF remote and Receiver , Receiver and transmitter used low cost 433Mhz trasmitter and receiver . 


Complete Source code is available at github repo with hex files 


  1. i will have a check and et you know

  2. Dear Mr. Gaurav,
    After my last post (17Aug.) to you regarding non function of RF Transmitter in Proteus environment I was totally upset as many of your project I have tried and all worked without any problem.
    I am a senior citizen & looking for RF remote for my own use and naturally became very sad.
    So I started studying your "main.asm" file and found that there you have connected the switches to GP1, GP2, GP3, GP4 & GP5. Code output is from GP0 where your circuit of transmitter says something else.
    So I set the circuit as per the program in Proteus & connect the Oscilloscope at GP0. Now TX is working PERFECTLY.
    I think your RF Remote Transmitter circuit required corrections - The circuit shows that one Switch is connected to GP0. GP0(pin 7) will be the output as per your program & Switch is to be connected to GP2.
    Tomorrow I'll check the Receiver part. Hope that it will work without any problem.
    Thanks again for this nice project.
    D. Ghosh

    1. yes i can see now , its major schematic error , i will fix it

    2. Dear Mr. Gaurav,
      Just now I have finished the receiver part in Proteus. No luck. I do not know whether it will work on Proteus environment or not.
      I have made many of your project and followed deeply all the comments & your patient replies, basically I became a fan of yours.
      Being an aged person all my best wishes to you.
      However my overall findings are as under and you are the only man who can solve & make it work.
      1) Your Hex file for Rx loaded in 12F675.
      2) Tx o/p & Rx input are connected.
      3) When powered, all the GP out puts of RX are Lo. When switch is pressed in Tx, it is transmitting but no state change in GP out puts of RX. All remain Lo.
      4) Even STATUS Led at GP4(Pin 3) of RX is not responding.

      After seeing all those results, I made a new MPLAB project with your main.asm file & compiled in Hi Tech C compiler for PIC10/........
      a) A new HEX file is generated. ( Note that this file size is of 3KB )
      b) With this HEX file, GP0/1/2&4 of 12F675 receiver became HI, but states are not changing in response to the Transmitter.

      Beyond this, I cannot proceed as I don't know the programming.
      I do not know whether all those observations will help you.
      Any way Please see it and advice so that I can make one .
      D. Ghosh

    3. Dear Mr. Gaurav,
      I am sorry regarding my observations on RX mention in my communication of today at 12:22PM.
      I could not accept that your project will not work and so I start again with Rx part.
      I started again with a new MPLAB project with your main file.
      I looked back to the earlier new project that I have made with your main file as mentioned earlier and Found that SOME OTHER FILE of yours for other project, by mistake I have added.
      So my observations regarding Receiver as mentioned in (a),(b) in my earlier communication dated 18 August, 12:22 PM are NOT CORRECT.
      i am extremely sorry. In a nutshell Rx observation are remain same with your Hex file
      Thanking you,

    Dear Mr. Gaurav,
    I did not lose confidence on your programs and start again this afternoon.
    Now experiments are not in Proteus environment but with real components & with 433 MHz TX/RX Modules.
    12F615 & 675 loaded with your Hex files and the whole system is working absolutely fine, all four outputs are perfectly toggling, Status Led also working fine.
    Only one thing I have found & don't understand that Switch connected at GP5 (Key Down) of TX has no effect on RX.
    I think that with this key you have planed to reset all the relay output of receiver as you have done in your earlier NEC protocol basis 4 Chanel IR Remote control project.
    Kindly look into this matter & advice.

    Thanking you & best wishes,

  4. can you please upload its working video ????