Monday, December 2, 2019

Marconi 2024 RF Signal Generator LCD Display Repair

This is going to addition to my previous Marconi 2024 Error 508 repair . I have recent bought my self a broken Marconi 2024 which has many issues, few issues i fixed in previous repair post now in this post i will show you how i replaced the LCD.

As many other people have pointed out controller of the LCD fitted in Marconi is compatable to RA6963,T6963 Controller so i search around on web and found ERM24064DNS-1 .

The LCD display we are replacing had VFD back-light but replacement LCD has LED back-light. so i need to take out VFD power supply and bypass with for 5V LED power supply.

Here is how VFD power supply is removed and bypassed, 5V is supplied by the board Display also needs 5V.

Replacement LCD Display size is exactly same but PCB size is small so mounting screw are different location. and Display thickness is also less with new Display.

Replacment LCD also and Two row header instead of single row so i have to make adapter

To Compensate for mounting hole and display thickness. i made this little PCB with mounting posts.

If have any question feel free to ask. 

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  1. Hi!!
    Can you tell the pin to pin conversion for two row header instead of single row of data cable?