Monday, April 22, 2019

Zwei2: OpenSource Breadboardable Microchip PIC32MZ Board USB

Quite often i use PIC32 microcontrollers in my project, and as since quite some time PIC32MZ microcontrollers are there, with improved features such as USB HS and much more . i was not able to find a board which exactly fits my needs. so i made my self this little board ,i call it Zwei^2 , it is quite small,and can be put onto a breadboard.

Board i have here is having PIC32MZ2048EFM064 in TQFP64 package, though all of PIC32MZ in TQFP64 should fit , because they all are pin compatible.

PIC32MZ2048EFM064 , goest upto 200Mhz, have 512KB of RAM and 2MB of flash. The feature i am more intersected in on chip USB HS MAC and PHY.

There is a switching regulator to supply 3.3V for MCU 24Mhz, crystal oscillator and SDCard connector on bottom , few LEDs, voltage Reference chip and two two switch (one for reset another connected to GPIO).
High Resolution schematic in PDF format available in project Github Repo(Here)

PCB layout is quite simple , i was just concern about it Fitting onto a single Breadboard . Layout  and Gerber File are available in github repo of the project Here 

Blank Boards are available for purchase , Free Shipping worldwide, Matt Blank, Gold Finish (ENIG)

Blank PCB only Matt Black ENIG

PCB Image 

Project File available here


  1. Hi I've just received this board from you. I'm wondering what programmer and software tools do you use with this board, is there any chance to use GNU-like toolchain and linux command line tools for programming flash? Do you use Pickit2 or 3 or something else?

    1. Thank you for contacting
      You will need a IDE or editor to write your code I use MPLAB X from microchip
      then you will compiler that support PIC32MZ, I use microchip xc32
      Once your project is compiled, then you will need a programmer/ debugger.
      I use pickit 3, you can use new pickit 4 as well.

      If you further question please let me know


    2. Thanks for reply! I'm going to try GNU toolchain for MIPS now. If it does not work, I guess I'll have to use MPLAB X and xc32 compiler.

  2. Can we write the code with Pickit2?

    1. I was able to flash the program with Pickit2 using this software under linux:

    2. Thank you. But I'm using windows. Anyway I'll try

  3. If AP3417C replaced by lm78l33 (3.3V 100mA) regulator will it work?

    1. Yes and No , Depending on what you are doing with the MCU , it may very well consume more current , REG1117 may do in most of the case if you want to go liner regulator.

    I'm trying to do this project and I have all the components whichever in project. But I want to try before it in general purpose board manually(not using development board). And I did circuit with 78l33 regulator (other components almost similar). Here microcontroller is not detecting in pickit3.

    1. This will consume more power than 78L33 can supply.