Wednesday, July 18, 2018

TruePosition GPSDO 10Mhz Clock Standard Reference Distribution Board

As i am working on my own GPSDO project i had multiple of these Trueposition GPSDO modules, for using them correctly i put them into enclosure. here is how whole project goes.

Distribution Board

Detailed description of GPSDO board is available here 

10Mhz Distribution board has PIC18F25K50 micrcontroller which is running firmware perform usb to serial conversion and at the same time sniffer incoming packet  from GPSDO module for the status information , Display pared data on to OLED and LEDs, Firmware also handle User interface key press and menu display.

It is possible to start a survey right on the front panel board using key press.

Front Panel Display Board

Normal state 
Short : switch between home screen and coordinate display
Long press : Get into survey menu.
Press and hold :  not used
In survey menu 
Short : incremt survey duration.
Long press : Get out of survey menu.
Press and Hold : start survey for selected duration

All PCB Source , schematic source and Firmware are available in my gihub.

Hammond 1455N1201


Project Source on Github 


  1. Hello Gaurav
    Can you provide an assembled GSPDO face board you've used with this project? Then i can buy the distribution and the face boards together.

    All the best!

    1. just bought the distribution by clicking on a link, but I can't find any path to the pre-assembled face card, any help? Thank you.

  2. Hello!
    Like many HAM's, I use the Trimble Thunderbolt GPSDO. It is a pity that this project does not apply to this device. However, I would like to use a 10 MHz distribution amplifier to split a single signal from my GPSDO. I hope your layout will be good for this.
    Zbyszek SP3RNY