Thursday, November 3, 2011

Nokia 3315 LCD Based Temperature Meter


 This is General purpose Temperature  meter for measuring Temperature  from -55 ºC  to 150 ºC ..It is a very useful bench test equipment for testing and finding out the temperature of various devices with unknown temperature  such as room temperature , cpucabinet, etc. The meter provides very stable readings and has excellent input sensitivity thanks to LM 35 Temperature sensor from National Semiconductor , so it can even measure small temperature change.

   The LM35 is three terminal temperature sensor which gives output in the form of analog voltage. LM35 linear to the whole temperature range it generate 10 mV/ºC. this analog voltage is feed to the internal 10 bit analog to digital convertor of the PIC 18F458 which convert it into temperature and then display to the NOKIA 3315/3310 LCD.

Circuit / Schematic 
    The electrical schematic is very simple, given that most of the functions are implemented by the microcontroller. the Temp Sensor is connected to the internal ADC of the PIC18F458 , and The LCD is totally controlled by the PIC18F458 from its internal SPI Peripheral.

Download Firmware and Source Code

Click here to download Firmware and Source code


  1. dear gaurav,
    pls post same project using 89s52 microcontroller.

  2. Is the LCD happy to run on 5 volts VCC and data ?

    1. no i have run it from 5v supply and there was no problem , but i will not recommend this for a good product design , for a quick test you can run it from 5v but for good product you must have a 3.3v regulator .